Warm Fleece Dog Coat


Warm and light fleece coat for many breeds.

Many sizes available. Very comfortable for your dog and can adapt to most chest widths since it’s adjustable around chest and waist. Optimal fit for most dogs. Since it closes with velcro in the front you can make the coat a bit smaller or larger.

Favorite pyjamas for many dogs.

The M Sighthound can be used by many other medium/large breeds too. It´s not too long in the back and the straps are adjustable around waist also to be able to fit a Pointer, Pit Bull or similar breeds.

The Spitz in the photo is wearing the Italian Greyhound size.

The Italian Greyhound in photo is a 6 kilo boy

The dark brindle Spanish Galgo is very long and skinny and is using perfectly the M Sighthound size. 

The light one is a small, chesty and short Spanish Galgo and is also using the M Sighthound size.

If you have a larger Greyhound or galgo loosening the front velcro makes the coat longer.


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