NEW Sporty chic rain/wind coat


Sporty chic rain / wind coat adapted for the Sighthound shape.

Street style for active dogs.

Covers even the head.

These coats are lined with comfortable black cotton on the inside.

They are  breathable.

Closes with a large strong velcro around the waist.

Perfect for Whippets, English Greyhounds, Galgo Español, Sloughis, Podencos and similar Sighthound breeds. 

Black, cool, lightweight, glossy rain/wind coat with black lining and purple details in cotton. 

Olive green elegant rain/wind coat with a matte luxury fabric. It´s a a bit thicker than the black so warmer also for a bit lower temperatures. 

We suggest:

20 inches/ 51 cm is good for Whippets

24 inches / 61 cm for small Greyhounds or Spanish Galgos

26 inches / 66 cm for medium normal sized English Greyhounds and Spanish Galgos.

28 inches / 71 cm for the very big English Greyhounds or Spanish Galgos.

These coats have a lot of space in the front for optimal movement for the dog.

Sighthounds in photos are both quite big and wear;  (Olive green coat 26 inches/66cm.)

(Black coat is 28 inches /71 cm inches.) 

Most dogs feel more comfortable and free (to do their things) wearing a coat that is not too long in the back.

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