Military Velvet Dog Harness with Leash


Step in harness and leash in military velvet. Very adjustable size so fits well many breeds.

Soft on the outside and soft padded on the inside for extra comfort.

This harness is easy to fit many breeds because of its step in adjustable system.

XXS/XS  Very tiny breeds like Chihuahua toys

XS/S   Small breeds like Yorkhsires, Maltese, Italian Greyhounds, Pomeranias

S/M  Terrier, Pinshers and Bichons and similars

Leash is included in the price.

( The tiny Pomerania pup in photo is wearing the XXS/XS size)

( The Yorkshire terrier in photo is using the XS/S size)

( The Pinscher in photo is wearing the S/M size)

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